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Vandalism at Domaine Jones

We’ve been hearing from various sources about the terrible vandalism at Domaine Jones in the Languedoc. While it is a little bit off-topic for us, Katie is from England so we felt it appropriate to mention her. Katie’s Blog tells a little more as does Jancis Robinson.

Visiting English vineyards and talking to English winemakers as we do, we know how incredibly hard work it is and how devastating it must be to lose such a large amount of your harvest.

Naked Wines who support young and independent winemakers around the world (although sadly no English ones as the moment) are considering joining in the rescue bid by pre-ordering a blend of hers using some wine offered by a neighbour. I’ve just voted in favour and it seems 98% of those who voted agree.

We will update as and when we hear more. Meanwhile, chin up Katie.

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