Visiting your local vineyard and buying wine “from the cellar door” is what we are all about. English and Welsh wines are getting an excellent reputation for quality – buying from the cellar door enables visitors to find out more of the story behind the wines and helps the producers, too.

Someone recently asked “Which is the best vineyard to visit?” I replied “It depends what you are looking for… Fine wine? A day out with the kids? A nice meal? An organised visitor experience? A walk in the country with a picnic and private wine tasting?”

This website aims to help you find the vineyard that suits you – just head over to all vineyards and use the filters on the left to narrow your search, or use our interactive map to find one near your home, holiday or business trip.

With around 200 visitor-friendly vineyards in the UK, there really is something for everyone, whether you want to taste a flight of superb quality wines in a fancy tasting room or get your wellies on and help with the harvest, or like us, do both! You can even have a business meeting, party or get married in a vineyard.

We’re Elisabeth & Ian. With a passion for our local wines, we started our blog but found it wasn’t so easy to find out which vineyards welcomed visitors. With backgrounds in eCommerce and tourism technology, we decided to do something about it and this website is the result. Our aim is to provide the key information in a consistent format so it’s easy for you to identify vineyards of interest. Once you’ve done that, the best source of information is probably the producer’s own website. We also include TripAdvisor links to give you an overview of what other people found, together with our personal comments and links to our blog when we’ve been able to visit ourselves.

If you have any questions, or would like your vineyard to be included on this website (at no charge), then please do Contact Us.

We hope you enjoy visiting some of the vineyards on our website as much as we do!