Photography for Social Media

The course is designed to up your social media photography game without spending more on gear. You will learn how to use the equipment you already have, but better.

Bring your (fully charged!) phone and head with us out into the vineyard and the winery to learn how to create even better images for social media.

Course will take place at Furleigh Estate in Dorset on Tuesday 20th February and will run from 10 am to 2 pm including lunch with further critique and discussion. Price includes “vigneron’s lunch”.

£100 + VAT for Premium Listings / £120  + VAT for Regular Listings / £7 + VAT to hosts for Lunch

£128.40£152.40 inc VAT



We’ll help you discover how to produce better pictures to promote your people products and places by walking you through 3 different scenarios during the morning. Each scenario will demonstrate how to combine light, gear and knowledge, and you will be doing it, not just listening. You will take away with you the evidence of how you’ve progressed so that you can remind yourself after the course.

You will need an imaging device – mobile phone recommended but regular cameras more than acceptable, and no problem bringing both, with a fully charged battery (and possibly charger!) and plenty of space in its memory.

If you want to bring one of your own products, go right ahead, bring a bottle! Or two!

Our photographer, Rob, specialises in all aspects of photography for business – food & drink and action photography make up a considerable part of his portfolio.

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Premium Wine Cellar Door Listing, Standard Wine Cellar Door Listing

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