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More than 100 UK vineyards welcome visitors

Home Page Screenshot 01-04-2014 14-53-20Did you know that more than 100 UK vineyards are open to the public? England and Wales have lots of visitor-friendly vineyards, stretching from St Martins in the Scillies right up to Yorkshire, many of them not far off the beaten track.

The large number of new vineyards opening, together with a few changing hands, meant that we found it increasingly difficult to find information on vineyards we could visit. At the end of last year, I went on holiday to Mallorca, where information on vineyards was much easier to find. Not long afterwards, fellow blogger Ian and I had a glass or two of English at Wine Pantry and reflected on our previous work together in the tourism business – before the evening was out we had come up with the idea of

I built the site, which was soft-launched in February; a few enhancements and some nice feedback mean that we are now ready to launch for real and English Tourism Week seems as good a time as any, although we do love Welsh wine, too!

You can search by county or look up award-winners, find out which vineyards have tours, food or accommodation, or even look to see which vineyards sell wine made with your favourite grape directly from their “cellar door”.

Visiting vineyards isn’t only for fans of English & Welsh wine, if you’re interested in the process of wine-making, you can learn a lot on your own doorstep. With many UK wineries being small, you can often get on a tour led by the winemaker him or herself. If you just fancy an afternoon out, with a walk and maybe afternoon tea in a beautiful setting, you can do that at a vineyard too.

We hope you enjoy using the site – please give us your feedback and spread the word. If you know any related businesses who might like to sponsor some of our future ideas, let us know that too – they don’t have to be in the wine business, but there must be some link or appeal to the same kind of people.

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